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We match your needs to the best mortgage obtainable.

Before you start house-hunting, speak with us about your financing options. By carefully shopping for both your home and your mortgage financing, you’ll take the guesswork and the waiting out of having your mortgage approved.
Pre-qualifying lets you know in advance your upper limit for purchase price and payments. It also tells the seller and the real estate agent you are a serious and qualified buyer – a buyer with the financial backing to close immediately.

You can usually pre-qualify by phone, and save yourself substantial amounts of time, money and aggravation.

As competitive as you’ll find anywhere.
Our lenders’ rates are excellent, and so are their mortgages – with all the features you’ve come to expect – including options to reduce your mortgage quickly.

If you’re having difficulty qualifying:
We specialize in helping realtors bridge the financing gap in “hard to place” situations such as:

  • Equity loan
  • Prior bankruptcy.
  • Bank turndowns.
  • High debt ratios.
  • Poor credit, foreclosures, liens.

Real estate agents sell more homes with our non-conforming mortgages, and never lose a sale because “the financing fell through,” or because the prospective buyer couldn’t find the financing.


*1ST, 2ND, & 3RD Mortgages
Let your home finance your dreams
The equity in your home is as good as gold. We can lend you money based on the current market value of your home – not on your credit rating or employment status.

You might want to consolidate your bills, or make a few home improvements. You might even want invest in your own business, or buy a second home. There are all sorts of interesting possibilities.

Our equity mortgages offer flexible guidelines that don’t place emphasis on income and credit. You’ll find our rates extremely competitive, so don’t sell yourself short when you’re tapping equity.

If you’re refinancing to consolidate debt, we can lower your monthly payments.

There’s no cost or obligation to have us do a bill consolidation worksheet for you. We’ll show you how consolidation can loosen a budget squeeze and put money in your pocket.


We’re proud of our reputation for understanding needs and providing solutions. That is why builders, developers, and landlords come back to us time after time.

We can arrange draw mortgages for construction, development loans, and even long-term apartment financing. If you are short of money or waiting for draws, we have interim funds available to help you out of a tight spot. Our network of investors also provide joint venture financing to get your project off the ground.

Your needs just met their match
The most important aspect of our service is one-to-one contact. We work with you through the entire process, from application to closing. You’ll always know who to call with questions, who is responsible for keeping track of your paperwork, and who is looking out for your particular requirements.

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