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The Closing.pdf file you upload to exchange and submit for audit is a single, compressed PDF file containing each of the following documents, in this order:

  1. Consent Form (Or Application w/ consent)
  2. BCFSA Fixed and/or Open Cost Disclosure(s)
  3. Form 9 (for Private Lenders)
  4. Form 10 (Conflict Disclosure)
  5. Form 10 Email to Lender Confirmation
  6. Manulife MPP Form (Residential only)
  7. Lender’s Commitment(s)

Ensure every compliance document is signed, initialed and dated as required.


The Funding.pdf file is a single, compressed PDF file containing every file other than those listed above that you’ve collected in the pursuit of this mortgage.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Appraisals (multiples if more than one)
  • Financial Statements
  • Incorporation Docs
  • All Strata or Detached Supporting docs (multiple property(ies)
    *** even if more than one property with or without completing on it
  • Scanned Notes
  • Clients’ supporting Docs: Tax Returns, Bank Deposits, LOE, Paystub
  • Downpayment Confirmation
  • Multiple commitments (if any)
  • Other relevant correspondence (emails, text messages, notes, etc)

If the file size of the merged funding document is too large to upload to exchange, you may split it into smaller files (label them “funding 1”, “funding 2”, etc..)

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