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Jean Yves is well-know by clients and within the mortgage industry for his straight-up honesty and directness.

Whether buying a new home, renovating or investing in a rental property, you need trustworthy advice to find you the best rates and the most suitable options. Jean Yves has been in the business for more than 15 years and has worked with dozens of lenders from coast to coast.

Working with Paragon and Verico means he has top-tier access to almost every lender in Canada.

Put more than 15 years experience to work for you today!

This app lets you:

  • Calculate your total cost of owning a home
  • Estimate the minimum down payment you need
  • Calculate Land transfer taxes and the available rebates
  • Calculate the maximum loan you can borrow
  • Stress test your mortgage
  • Estimate your Closing costs
  • Compare your options side by side
  • Search for the best mortgage rates
  • Email Summary reports (PDF)
  • Use my app in English, French, Spanish, Hindi and Chinese

Call me at 604-878-7777 and I will be happy to help you!

professionalDon’t Do It Alone

The Canadian Mortgage Market is a competitive and ever-changing battlefield. You’ll make better decisions when you work with a guy like me, who knows the ins-and-outs, has excellent relationships with dozens of Canada’s top lenders, and more than 15 years of experience with just about every kind of mortgage and loan situation you can think of.

Your mortgage is likely the largest purchase of your life. Let me help you find the best rates and the smartest plan to fit your unique needs.

lifesaver iconFix Your Credit Rating Fast

Improve your credit rating before shopping for a mortgage to improve your qualification approval opportunities and achieve more competitive rates. Clients love our Credit Improvement Tool and most are surprised at how quickly they were able to improve their credit ratings. It’s a quick and simple process all mortgage-shoppers should try.

Call me at 604-878-7777 to see if I can help you improve your credit rating!

I Hardly Ever Bite

People say I’m the friendliest Mortgage Broker they ever met. Maybe it’s because I really like my job. I’m a bit OCD so I love it when my paperwork is perfect and my deadlines are beat. I look at every new mortgage deal as a quest – I’m hunting for the perfect way to tell your story to the best lender for your situation. After 15 years of hunting, I know all the best paths, the rough roads and the pitfalls to avoid. I’m happy to help people get the deal they need to make their lives better, and I’m always happy to meet new clients. Call me for a free consultation at 604-878-7777

Low Rates & More Options

Working with Canada’s largest group of independent brokers, I access more than 40 lenders, who offer excellent rates and more options than your bank can Call to get me started on your next mortgage project!

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