Christopher Morrison

Christopher Morrison, Mortgage Broker

Christopher brings more than 19 years experience as both as a Financial Advisor then as a Mortgage Underwriter for a major Canadian bank to our office in the heart of Vancouver.

“I’m excited to join Verico as a newly independent Mortgage Broker! One of the biggest differences for me is that now I am working on your behalf and relying on my expertise to shop around your specific mortgage needs. I am working with Verico, Canada’s largest association of independent brokers, which means I can access more than 40 lenders instead of just one bank.”

That’s going to be awesome –  it means you get access to the lowest rates in Canada, and more options than I could ever offer you from a bank.

Becoming a mortgage broker was a natural progression given Christopher’s love of helping people and an affinity for economics and numbers. He grew up in Coquitlam and now lives and works in Vancouver. He spends time out of the office enjoying the company of family and friends, traveling and playing ice/roller hockey.

Buying a home or refinancing your mortgage is an important decision. More than just rates, as your broker, Christopher knows about lending options, payment alternatives and the importance of excellent service.  

First Time

First-Time Buyer?

For first time buyers a home purchase can seem like a daunting task. Working for you I will manage the mortgage process from beginning to end. I will also coordinate the various other professionals and institutions involved in real estate purchase transactions such as realtors, builders, lawyers, appraisers, insurers and home inspectors as well as CMHC


  • Residential
  • Renewals
  • Refinance
  • Investment Properties
  • Credit Repair
  • Purchase
  • FirstTime Homebuyers

Let Me Help You With Your Financing

I work to ensure that all my customers have the right mortgage product available to them at the very best interest rate available. At Verico we have access to over 40 lenders to choose from. Give me a call today and let me do the legwork for you!

I look at each new mortgage as a puzzle with multiple solutions, and I work hard to find the solution that best fits your particular needs and lifestyle. I would love to hear from you! Call me for a free consultation at 604-218-3127 or use the contact form below.


Independent Mortgage Broker, Lionsview Mortgages Inc

Switch and save

Switch & Save!

Studies by the Canadian Home Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) show that Canadians who switch lenders or negotiate their mortgages upon renewal save up to 1% over the life for their mortgage. This can be tens of thousands of dollars on a typical mortgage. As AMP certified, independent brokers we’ll look at your situation, let you know if it makes sense to move or switch and help you to make it all happen. We specialize in knowing the mortgage industry and matching your specific needs with the best lender.


An Expert on Your Side

The mortgage business in Canada is competitive and ever-changing battlefield. You’ll make better decisions when you work with a guy like me. You need trustworthy advice to find you the best rates and the most suitable options. PUT ME TO WORK FOR YOU! It’s easier than ever to put me to work on your mortgage or debt consolidation needs, just call me at 604-218-3127 for a free assessment of your situation, or use the contact form below. – I’ll call you to review the form & can start hunting for your most suitable options!

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