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About Lionsview Mortgages

VERICO is a collection of independent AMP certified Mortgage Brokers working as a collective in Canada’s largest broker network, Being a part of the Verico Network allows us to access over 40 financial institutions; We can shop to ensure you get the best available mortgage – and the best available mortgage rate. From residential to commercial and recreational real estate, your VERICO Broker can help you make the right decisions on financing by providing you with a wide range of alternatives. Whether you’re buying a home, renewing your mortgage, or thinking about refinancing to renovate, invest or even consolidate your debts – we have the Experts to help you.

Mortgage brokers are an important part of buying & owning a home. Your VERICO mortgage broker is a knowledgeable advisor that can help you ensure you have the right mortgage at the best interest rate available. Typically, you will not pay any fees when hiring a VERICO broker because VERICO charges lenders directly.

Over 40 Canadian Financial Institutions rely on VERICO mortgage brokers to help them manage the mortgage process and ensure that each customer is fully informed of their options. VERICO brokers also coordinate the various other professionals and institutions involved in real estate purchase transactions such as realtors, builders, lawyers, appraisers, insurers and home inspectors as well as Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation.

Every VERICO Mortgage Broker is a member of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals and practices under a strict voluntary code of ethics. VERICO Brokers have years of experience in the mortgage profession as either brokers or former bankers.

Whether you’re buying a home, renewing your existing mortgage or thinking about taking out equity to renovate, invest, or consolidate debts – Trust the VERICO Experts.

About Your Brokers

Our office is a gathering of professional, AMP-certified independent mortgage brokers who collectively represent more than 35 years of experience. Put us to work on your residential, commercial or refinancing needs.


We can help you in English, French, Greek, Punjabi, Hindi and Mandarin.

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